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Zanu PF will not reform itself out of power – Mutsvangwa

Zanu PF, Zimbabwe’s ruling party, has firmly dismissed any alterations to the nation’s electoral laws to accommodate opposition demands for transparent elections. Speaking at a hybrid roundtable event at London’s Chatham House, Christopher Mutsvangwa, the party’s spokesperson, emphasized that the opposition should first secure voters’ trust and, once in power, initiate legislative changes instead of criticizing the existing system.

Mutsvangwa implied that the key to seizing state power lies in emulating the actions of war veterans who ousted former President Robert Mugabe in 2017. He rebuffed requests to amend the nation’s laws, noting that the opposition was involved in crafting the 2013 constitution and should not now voice grievances about it.

Responding to allegations of judicial manipulation, police bias, and an uneven electoral field, Mutsvangwa urged the opposition to concentrate on persuading the electorate, rather than singling out Zanu PF’s shortcomings.

Mutsvangwa defended his party’s democratic and human rights record, underlining that his generation fought valiantly for these ideals during the struggle against colonial rule. He emphasized that the history of Zimbabwe commenced before 1980, highlighting the injustices suffered by his generation due to colonial oppression.

Regarding his experiences with state power, Mutsvangwa rebuked parties that spent two decades attempting to remove Robert Mugabe but failed. He affirmed the necessity of earning state power rather than seeking to reshape Zimbabwe to personal preferences.

Dismissing calls for security sector reforms, Mutsvangwa declared their unlikelihood and asserted that Zimbabwe should not prioritize catering to external demands.

Zimbabwe is set to hold presidential and parliamentary elections on August 23. The Nelson Chamisa-led opposition CCC is expected to be the primary contender against Zanu PF, led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.