ZACC assets recovery blitz: Heat turns on ex-Zinara boss Chitukutuku

Former Zinara boss Frank Chikukutu under fire for alleged ill-gotten wealth
  • Chitukutuku to lose Glen Lorne property
  • Zacc has forwarded names to NPA

ZIMBABWE Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has this week intensified its asset recovery blitz and the latest person of interest is former Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) chief executive (CE) Frank Chitukutuku, Zim Morning Post can reveal.

This publication has it on good authority that Zacc has forwarded a draft application of civil confiscation of property acquired through corrupt activities to the High Court and National Prosecution Authority Assets Forfeiture Department.

The application is in accordance with Section 60 of the Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act (Chapter 9:24).

This publication understands that Zacc investigations unearthed that during his stint as CE, between 2008 and 2014, Chitukutuku abused his duty and influenced the awarding of an irregular contract to a company called Fremus.

The company is owned by his church-mates and cronies Freddy and Musline Chimbari.

“After being awarded the contract, Fremus made payment for an undeveloped residential stand at Number 2 Curwen Close in Glen Lorne on behalf of Chikukutu (Frank),” revealed our source.

According to the documents, Chitukutuku received an amount of US$114 000 in this particular alleged dodgy deal.

Chitukutuku has other corruption matters that are still sub-judice.

In 2019, High Court judge Justice Erica Ndewere ordered a freeze to some of Chikukutu’s assets pending finalisation of his criminal case.

Chitukutuku was then asked to give a detailed statement to the head of the police’s Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) and it is still under scrutiny.

Chitukutuku is set to lose 10 motor vehicles acquired between September 2013 and April 2018.

These vehicles include two Mazda T35 trucks, a Hino Dutro truck, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Prado, Nissan NP200, Range Rover, Hino Ranger and a Land Rover Discovery.

Investigations revealed that on residential properties, he unexplicably acquired stand measuring 4 048 square metres held under Deed of Transfer 3232/11 situated at Lot 1 of Lot 3 of Lot 56A Borrowdale Estate, Harare and another one measuring 8 853 square metres held under Deed of Transfer 3885/11 situated at Lot 3 of Subdivision C of Subdivision B of Subdivision D of Nthaba of Glen Lorne.

Using the perceived ill-gotten fortune, he went on to built a multi-million dollar thatched precast-walled house at the top of a mountain at Belmont Farm, Goromonzi.

He has six state-of-the-art fowl runs, five tractors, a 10-tonne UD truck, 4 x 200-litre PVC water tanks, as well as several structures at the farm.

Apart from a long list of expensive properties, Chitukutuku is also said to be the owner of two renowned companies, Farm Pride (Private) Limited situated at 49 Kent Road, Chisipite, Harare and an insurance company, Champions Insurance (along with Nicholas Goche), which boasts of assets estimated at over US$15 million.

This blitz comes after Zacc revealed that it identified over US$7 billion in cash and properties stashed outside the country.

According to ZACC, some of the properties and cash were in Switzerland, London, the United States of America, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mauritius and Spain, among other countries.

Zacc chairperson Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo was this week quoted saying that more accurate investigations were now underway.

“Informally, we have now identified over US$7 billion worth of property and cash all over the world which were siphoned by our former leaders, current leaders, private sector and individuals.

“So this information we only got informally, so now we have to formalise the process so that we start the processes of repatriating the monies back home,” she was quoted as saying.

This publication will be revealing more names of individuals being investigated by the asset recovery department.

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