Chamisa declares peaceful ‘war’ on Govt after police mayhem


Report by Abel Karowangoro and Fani Mapfumo

DEFIANT MDC president Nelson Chamisa said on Wednesday his party will now take an offensive approach to counter the continuous banning of MDC gatherings.

Addressing journalists in what the party called Hope for the Nation Address (HONA), Chamisa said government should declare their party an illegal organisation or else leave them to conduct their gatherings freely as defined in the Constitution.

 “Why would you beat people who are in their own head office? Is MDC a banned party? Are we prohibited organisations? If we are an illegal organisation, tell us so that we can look at other options that are used by banned entities.Don’t lie to us that we are not a banned organisation, yet we are treated like one,” Chamisa said.

Chamisa said his party had the capacity to adjust to the brutality and act but said they had chosen peace for the sake of the country.

“Our party is not going to remain quiet while the police continued beating people during peaceful demonstrations,” Chamisa said.

 “Police brutality is going to be the thing of the past, and it is going to end very soon because we have the solutions already,” he added.

Chamisa said his party had put in place mechanisms to deal with a system that did not respect human rights.

Chamisa said he would not promise the end of such brutalities but said when the time came, police would not be able to control the anger of the people.

“Change is coming. In fact, it has already come because if you see such brutalities the State is using to crush its people, it shows that something is about to happen because history has taught us well,” Chamisa said.

The MDC leader was speaking soon after his supporters were brutally assaulted by members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, including Glen View legislator Vincent Tsvangirai.

The opposition says Chamisa’s address was meant to give hope to the nation ahead of the festive season amid a tanking economy and skyrocketing inflation.


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