Four-month old video footage haunts ‘diamond thief’


A 52-YEAR-OLD Minerals Marketing Corporation in Zimbabwe (MMCZ) employee on Wednesday appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts facing  charges of pilfering a piece of diamond.

The accused, Tinoziva Mubwanda, almost got away with the alleged theft, only getting caught four months later after internal security mechanisms exposed him.

A video clip dated June 25 shows Mubwanda allegedly stealing a piece of diamond before hiding it in his shirt sleeve.

On Wednesday, the suspect appeared before magistrate Richard Ramabao facing charges of stealing a piece of diamond worth US$1 754.25 while carrying out evaluation work in the MMCZ control room.

When an analysis was carried out, it showed that the average weight of one piece of diamond in one of the parcels was 4.82 carats, with the variance revealing that a five-carat piece of diamond was missing.

The case was reported to internal security.

On October 3, MMCZ chief security officer Saviour Muvirimi did a rollback process of a video footage saved on the network video recorder from their close circuit television.

Mubwanda was allegedly seen stealing the diamond piece.

The diamond was never recovered.

The defense council argued for Mubwanda’s innocence, saying the State’s case was weak and that the evidence on the video disk was inadmissible, with its contents probably tempered with.


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