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Chinese Human Trafficker in Court for Targeting Zimbabwean Minors

Chinese Human Trafficker and Local Accomplices in Court for Targeting Zimbabwean Minors

A Chinese human trafficker along with his two local partners, appeared in court for targeting Zimbabwean minors. Chen Dehu (39), Joseph Rabson (44), and Shame Mafido (57) appeared before Magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa, for luring minors into forced marriages in China.

Deception and Recruitment

Dehu, who is already married to Rabson’s child, arrived in the country on October 3 with the sole intention of recruiting victims for trafficking to China for child marriages. Allegedly, in collaboration with Rabson and Mafido, Dehu deceived the victims by promising educational sponsorships. Dehu also promised them favorable working conditions in China.

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Parental Authority and Lodging

According to the state Robson and Shame are close relatives to the two victims(17). It is alleged that in order to lure them, they both exerted parental authority over them, facilitating their transportation from Karoi to Harare. Robson and Shame also booked for the victim’s accommodation at 27 Hillview Lodge, where they stayed for four days, waiting for their travelling documents.

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Fraudulent Documentation

 Stop Human Trafficking
Stop Human Trafficking


To circumvent the legal age requirements for marriage in China (20 years), the accused allegedly obtained new birth certificates and national identity documents for the underage victims by providing false information about their dates of birth. Additionally, they arranged for the third victim to obtain a new Zimbabwean passport by paying the necessary fees.

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Police Intervention

The CID Counter Terrorism Unit, acting on a tip-off regarding the presence of minors at Hillview Lodge, apprehended the three accused individuals at 27 Bishop Gaul Avenue, Belvedere, Harare.


The successful intervention by the Zimbabwe Republic Police highlights their commitment to combating human trafficking and protecting vulnerable individuals from exploitation. The case serves as a reminder of the ongoing need for vigilance and cooperation in the fight against this heinous crime, as stipulated by Fema.