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United Methodist Rev’s Wife Leads Uniform Boycott at Husband Burial

United Methodist Rev’s Wife Leads Uniform Boycott at Husband Burial

The late United Methodist Rev Oscar Mukahanana must be turning in his grave after his wife led a uniform boycott during his burial. Despite this deviation, Emma Mwadiwa, Mukahanana’s wife, revealed how loving and caring he was during their time together.

A Life of Love and Care

Emma Mwadiwa

Emma, in her heartfelt tribute, highlighted Mukahanana’s qualities as a loving and caring man. She expressed gratitude for the time they spent together and thanked God for the life they shared.

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Emma fondly recalled how her husband always remained calm and avoided arguments, often seeking solace in silence or moving to a different place to maintain peace.

Final Moments

On the day of Mukahanana’s death, Emma and he visited a sick church member in Chitungwiza before returning home peacefully. Upon returning home, Rev mentioned that he wanted to attend to a church meeting leaders. He then packed his belongings, and left. Emma noticing that her loved one had no returned home, sent him a message asking about the meeting, to which he replied that he was still occupied. He asked her to eat, but she insisted on waiting. Tragically, he never disclosed his intentions and eventually turned off his phone. The next day, after a leader’s call, they found his lifeless body.

A Heartfelt Tribute

Emma expressed her pain and gratitude toward the church for their trust in Reverend Mukahanana’s leadership. She also thanked the Mukahanana family for giving her a loving husband. Despite the tragedy, Emma vowed to continue praying and seeking favor, as she had once faced death but was granted more time by God. She cherished the memories of Reverend Mukahanana’s leadership, love, and the thoughtful gifts he would buy for her, emphasizing her deep appreciation for him.

A Legacy of Love Remembered

The couple’s children, Emmanuel and Wadzanai, also shared their reflections on their late father’s love. Their words echoed the sentiment expressed by Emma, emphasizing the affection and care Reverend Mukahanana had shown them throughout his life.


The church’s leadership, led by Bishop Nhiwatiwa, expressed sorrow over the loss of a diligent worker whose inability to resist temptation impacted both the earthly realm and the heavens.