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Heartless Father Arrested for Sodomizing 16-Year-Old Daughter

Heartless Father Arrested for Sodomizing 16-Year-Old Daughter

A heartless father from Mathabiswana Village, was arrested and appeared in court for sodomizing his 16-year-old daughter on several occasions.

Disturbing Revelation at Church

The harrowing truth emerged when the girl and her mother attended a church service. During the service, the pastor claimed that the Holy Spirit had revealed something troubling about the daughter.

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Father’s Arrest and Court Appearance

The father, whose identity is being withheld to protect the minor daughter, appeared before Bulawayo regional magistrate Collet Ncube, facing three counts of rape. He was remanded in custody until 7 November and did not enter a plea.

Details of the Alleged Abuse


According to the allegations, in April of this year, the perpetrator summoned his girl to his bedroom, falsely accusing her of having a boyfriend. He proceeded to physically assault her with a rope before forcing her to undress and engaging in anal sex.

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The abuse continued in August when the accused inexplicably attacked his girl, punching her with his fists. Once again, he subjected her to forced anal sex after removing her clothes.

In yet another horrifying incident in October, the accused utilized the same method, sexually abusing his daughter in his bedroom.

Revelation and Reporting

The devastating truth came to light on 15 October during the church visit when the pastor informed the mother about the Holy Spirit’s revelation. The mother then confronted her girl, who bravely disclosed that her father had subjected her to anal sex on three separate occasions.

Legal Action and Medical Examination

The matter was immediately reported to the police, leading to the arrest of the accused. The victim was then referred to St Luke’s hospital for a thorough medical examination.


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