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Mono Mukundu Brands Christianity a ‘Good Lie,’ Demands Apology from Prophet Magaya

Mono Mukundu Brands Christianity a ‘Good Lie,’ Demands Apology from Prophet Magaya

Renowned multi-instrumentalist Mono Mukundu stirred controversy during a recent interview on the Denny J show podcast by calling Christianity a ‘Good lie’ and demanding an apology from Prophet Magaya.

Tricky Question, Disrespectful Answer

When asked about his stance on Christianity, Mukundu acknowledged the complex nature of the question. He stated that any attempt to answer it civilly could be perceived as disrespectful. However, he expressed his determination to be tolerant when engaging in religious conversations.

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Christianity as a ‘Good Lie’

Mono boldly proclaimed that he views Christianity as a ‘Good lie.’ Elaborating on his perspective, he recounted his personal journey, revealing that after being a Christian for twenty years, he decided to abandon the faith in 2014. The tipping point came when the pastor of his church began demanding more than 10% tithe from the congregation.

Uncovering the Origins of Tithing

In his quest for answers, Mukundu delved into the origins of tithing and discovered its roots in the Jewish religion. He criticized the lack of transparency among prophets who fail to inform their congregations about the true nature of Abraham’s tithe, suggesting that it was essentially plunder from raids.

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Questioning Celebrations of Biblical Wars

Mono also took issue with Christians who celebrate biblical wars, such as the fall of the walls of Jericho. He argued that such celebrations amounted to glorifying Jewish genocides, raising ethical concerns.

Respect for Zimbabwean Prophets and Personal Dignity

Despite his critical views on Christianity, Mono expressed respect for Zimbabwean prophets like Magaya and Makandiwa, commending their ability to turn religion into a lucrative enterprise. However, he noted an incident involving Prophet Magaya, claiming that he was unjustly expelled from a hotel during a show for bringing beer to fellow artists during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Maintaining Personal Integrity

Mukundu concluded by affirming his refusal to surrender his dignity to self-proclaimed demigods like Magaya and demanding an apology from him for his actions. He then asserted his independence of thought and expressed skepticism toward religious figures such as local prophets.