‘Green Bombers’ evicted over rentals

MUTARE – The deputy sheriff in Mutare on Thursday chucked out Zanu-PF youths working under the Ministry of Youth from a building in the city’s main street over $17 000 rental arrears that the ministry has been resisting to vacate for more than five years.

The Deputy Sheriff in Mutare confirmed of the eviction saying the Ministry of Youth had not paid rentals amounting to $17000.

The Ministry of Youth offices are housed at Cecil Chambers.

The youths , popularly known as Green Bombers, were left stranded as the Deputy Sheriff with the help of police

evicted them and removed the worn out furniture from the offices.

The worn out furniture included some chairs, desks, metal cabinets and


By mid day, all the property had been removed from the building and thrown outside along the corridors of the building.