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Matopo Married Woman Viciously Attacked Husband’s Girlfriend

Matopo Married Woman Viciously Attacked Husband’s Girlfriend

A married woman from Matopo, Siduduzile Ndlovu (37), brutally attacked her husband’s girlfriend, who had allegedly been involved in an extramarital affair with him.

Accusations and Insults

Tempers flared as Ndlovu confronted Sanelisiwe Ncube (33) at the business center on December 3 last year. She hurled insults, accusing Ncube of engaging in an extramarital relationship with her husband. The situation quickly escalated, with onlookers drawn into the unfolding drama.

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A Vicious Assault

As Ncube attempted to defuse the situation by excusing herself to use the restroom, Ndlovu seized the opportunity to pursue her. Armed with a knife, she launched a vicious attack on Ncube. She stabbed her twice in the buttocks and once in the thigh. Ncube screamed for help as she collapsed, bleeding profusely.

Medical Attention and Legal Consequences

Imbibers rushed to Ncube’s aid and transported her to a nearby hospital for urgent medical treatment. Ndlovu fled the scene, but was later apprehended by authorities. She appeared before Kezi Magistrate Busani Sibanda, where she pleaded guilty to assault charges.

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Sentencing and Considerations

Taking into account the severity of the attack and the use of a dangerous weapon, the magistrate sentenced Ndlovu to 18 months imprisonment. However, eight months of the sentence were suspended, provided Ndlovu refrains from committing a similar offense within the next five years. The remaining ten months of the sentence were suspended on the condition that she completes 350 hours of community service at White Water Primary School.

Impact and Trauma

In a victim impact statement, Ncube detailed the extent of her injuries, expressing the difficulties she faced in sitting, sleeping, and carrying out her daily chores. She also shared the financial burden incurred due to medical expenses. The traumatic incident has left her deeply scarred.