MDC-T MPs recall: Mwonzora announcement sets tone for vicious ‘war’



THE recalling of three MDC-Alliance Members of Parliament and a Senator on Tuesday has caused a vicious fight between the two political outfits with MDC-A vice president Tendai Biti declaring war and alleging infiltration by Zanu PF, Zim Morning Post can report.

The recalled MPs are Charlton Hwende, Prosper Mutseyami, Tabitha Khumalo, and Senator Lilian Timveous.

“The major reason for the recall was that these Honorable members had ceased to be members of the MDC that was formerly led by our late icon, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai,” Douglas Mwonzora, MDC secretary general, said in a statement Wednesday.

“In terms of clause 5.10 (a) of the party constitution, their membership was automatically terminated,” he said.

Biti however scoffed at the development and said they were ready to fight amid reports that more than 20 MDC-A youths are ‘camped’ at Morgan Tsvangirai House in preparation of ‘invasion’ by members of the rival party.

Already, Mwonzora has approached police after being denied access into the party headquarters, citing that they are the legitimate occupants basing on the latest ConCourt ruling that saw Thokozani Khupe installed as the president.

“Throughout history authoritarian regimes and their enablers have tried to hijack and crush people’s causes. We saw this in the fight against decolonization. Emmerson (Mnangagwa) is not the first. The thing is the struggle for freedom and emancipation can never be smoldered by force or chicanery, Biti said.

Biti insinuated that Mnangagwa was trying to break the MDC from within.

 “The illegal recall of our MDC Alliance MP’s, Chairperson Thabita Khumalo, SG Hon Chalton Hwende from Parliament is a reflective of how paranoid and desperate Emmerson (Mnangagwa) is in using the State to destroy our movement led by President Nelson Chamisa. We are MDC Alliance nothing else.

 “We have never been cowards. We have never yielded on matters of principle. We have been in the trenches for decades. We shall finish off what we started in 1999. So Mr Mnangagwa, nothing you will do will make us retreat or surrender. Not your guns, not your Parliament”

“They had also behaved in a manner inconsistent with the values of our great movement,” Biti added.

Mwonzora was not deterred by Biti’s utterances and said thy stand by their decision of weeding out ‘criminal elements’.

“We wish to make it clear that the party will never tolerate violence and criminal behaviour.

“It can also never accept leaders who want to divide it,” Mwonzora said.

The MDC secretary general further urged their MPs to effectively serve their respective constituencies.

“We remind all our MPs to serve their constituencies as best as they can,” Mwonzora said.

“In this regard, we wish to assure them that the leadership will not be vindictive towards them, irrespective of their political opinions.

“We also assure our councillors that there will be no vindictiveness towards anyone,” Mwonzora said.

“However, were people join another political party, then in terms of clause 5.10(a) of our constitution, their membership of the party will automatically terminated,” he explained.

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