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Man Caught Red-Handed Using Bluetooth (Mubobobo) on Bulawayo Women

Man Caught Red-Handed Using Bluetooth (Mubobobo) on Bulawayo Women

A Bulawayo man faced the wrath of Northend Shopping Centre mob, after being caught red-handed using bluetooth(mubobobo) on unsuspecting women.  The man, an employee of a local car hire company whose identity remains undisclosed, had been perpetrating these acts for an extended period before finally being apprehended two weeks ago.

Unveiling the Dark Magic(Bluetooth)

Bluetooth(Mubobobo), is a notorious practice that involves using charms to perform sexual acts on unsuspecting women without their consent. It can be practiced even in public places. Though difficult to prove, several cases of mubobobo have been reported in the past.

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Bluetooth Victims Speak Out

One victim, speaking anonymously, shared her harrowing encounter at a bar, recounting the strange sensations and uncontrollable reactions she experienced. “He came and stood close to me while sipping his beer slowly,” she stated. “I started sweating and behaving like I was having sex. I also felt weak and went to the toilet constantly, which is when I started to worry.”

The Suspicion Grows

As the victim and fellow patrons became suspicious of the man’s peculiar behavior, including constant leg movements, their concerns deepened. A friend alerted the victim to the possibility of mubobobo being used, leading to the mob growing suspicions toward the perpetrator.

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Swift Justice

When confronted, the man attempted to flee but was pursued by the enraged patrons, who caught up with him and delivered their own form of justice.

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Voices of Other Victims

Additional victims came forward, sharing their disturbing encounters and the distress caused by the sensations inflicted upon them. The revelation that the same individual was responsible for their torment deepened their sense of hurt and betrayal. “I could literally feel like I was having sex,” she stated. “I would get wet from the feeling.”


This is not an isolated incident. Just last year, Mt Darwin witnessed a mubobobo outbreak, leading to widespread anger and the destruction of marriages.