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High Court Stuns Sengezo Tshabangu: CCC MPs and Senators Rally Against Recalls

High Court Stuns Sengezo Tshabangu: CCC MPs and Senators Rally Against Recalls

Sengezo Tshabangu CCC interim Secretary General’s recalls case suffered as the High Court overturned a prior judgement. The case was filed by 14 MPs and 9 Senators who contested their recalls from parliament.

 CCC Challenges Tshabangu’s Self-Imposed Authority

Tshabangu at a CCC rally


Tshabangu, who self-imposed as CCC Secretary General, wrote a letter to Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda, recalling CCC MPs and Senators. However, the CCC contested the recalls, asserting that Tshabangu was not a member of the party. Additionally it cited that the position of Secretary General does not exist within their party structure.

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The CCC’s Application to the High Court

The CCC firmly challenged the recalls, arguing that Sengezo lacked the authority to recall the MPs and Senators. They further contended that the individuals who were recalled had not ceased to be members of the CCC. According to the CCC, their party does not recognize the position of Secretary General, making Sengezo’s actions illegitimate. Consequently, they filed an application with the High Court to challenge the recalls.

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High Court Ruling and CCC’s Response

Gift Ostallos Siziba addressing journalists


The High Court ruling is pending, and the final verdict is expected before November 7th. CCC Deputy Spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba addressed the media after the court session. He highlighted two key issues raised in their application against the recalls. Firstly, they questioned Tshabangu’s authority to recall the MPs and Senators, emphasizing the lack of a Secretary General position within the party. Secondly, they disputed whether the recalled individuals had actually ceased to be CCC members.

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Based on the CCC spokesperson’s account of the court proceedings, it appears that Tshabangu has likely lost the case. However, we await the final verdict, expected before November 7th.