Lockdown:Buyanga rescues starving Zimbos in SA

  • Food relief funded by AMG and Hamilton Foundation
  • Zim immigrants call for help

BUSINESSMAN Frank Buyanga Sadiq has rescued starving Zimbabweans living and working in South Africa last Thursday, by providing food hampers to more than one hundred families.
Buyanga made the donation through his African Medallion Group(AMG) in response to calls by the Zimbabwe Community in South Africa(ZCSA),an affiliate of the Africa Diaspora Forum.
The two bodies are representatives for Zimbabwean and African immigrants based in South Africa.
The immigrants were teetering on the brink of hunger and starvation triggered by President Cyril Ramaphosa decree of enforcing a COVID 19 induced national lockdown which hamstrung their source of income .
The dire situation was worsened by the lockdown extension coupled with the fact that the immigrants do not fall within SA government ‘s social safety nets.
AMG chief executive Itai Maunganidze said the donation was a knee jerk reaction to the pleas made by the immigrants and is part of his organisation’s legacy of philanthropic missions accross Africa.
He added that his organisation was committed to provide relief aid for the next six months.
“Our commitment is to assist communities we serve including those from our neighbouring countries.
It has never been more important as we collectively, as a continent, try navigate the
unprecedented challenges posed by this global pandemic. COVID-19 is affecting most people
quite harshly, with some out of employment and sources of income. So our work here today is
to instill hope and care amongst the Zimbabwean people as government encourages us all to
stay home,” Maunganidze
The gesture was welcomed by ZCSA chairperson Ngcabuto Mabhena who urged other corporates to intervene on national crises.
” As the ZCSA we are excited to receive this relief from the AMG Foundation, said
Mabhena, chairman of the group.
“We have been receiving calls from Zimbabweans and other migrants living in South Africa
expressing their need for food aid ever since the lockdown was implemented, he adds.
“Today, thanks to AMG, 120 families have been assisted with food packs which can at least
keep them going for a few more days and we hope that other businesspeople follow suit.

AMG has set a precedence of social intervention in national disasters accross Africa.
During the Cylone Idai that ravaged Manicaland province in Zimbabwe and parts of neighbouring Mozambique,AMG chipped in with assistance to complement government efforts in mitigating the effect of the disaster.
AMG has footprints worldwide with operations in Dubai,Zimbabwe and South Africa.
It was founded by Buyanga as an addition to his vast business empire which cuts accross all sectors including real estate, finance and property development under the banner of his investment vehicle Hamilton Foundation.
Meanwhile,some foreign based Zimbabwean have been trooping back into the country.
In Zimbabwe, the dangerous pandemic has so far killed four people with 29 confirmed cases and two recoveries.
More 29 deaths were recorded for locals living and working in the United Kingdom,with most casualties working for the country ‘ National Health Service on the frontline.


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