New details on how the late gogo Nguni contracted COVID-19


FORMER goverment minister Sylvester Nguni’s mother – who died of COVID-19 last week – reportedly contracted the virus after coming into contact with one Christopher Chitemere, Zim Morning Post can reveal.

According to information this publication is in possession of, Chitemere landed in Zimbabwe from his United Kingdom base on April 11, aboard an Ethiopian Airline ET 863.

On arrival in Zimbabwe, the UK returnee – together with others – was immediately whisked to Zipam, a COVID-19 quarantine facility in Norton.

As per COVID-19 World Health Organisation guidelines, Chitemere and others were supposed to stay at the quarantine facility for at least 21 days while under observation.

There are, however, allegations that Chitemere – who is said to be Prosper Chonzi (Director of Health at Harare City Council)’s relative – was released unprocedurally from Zipam.

But Chonzi denied a personal role in the release of Chitemere from the COVID-19 Zipam facility, saying that may have been done by his juniors.

“Such things as the release of COVID-19 suspects is not a role specifically meant for me. That could be done by other health professionals upon carrying out relevant tests,” he said.

Chonzi also said gogo Nguni (nee Chitemere) and UK-based Chitemere were not related.

“Gogo Nguni (nee Chitemere) and Chitemere you are talking about are not related. Someone may be trying to be mischievous,” Chonzi said.

But Zim Morning Post has it on good ground that after his ‘clandestine’ release from Zipam Chitemere, who calls gogo Nguni, nee Chitemere aunt (tete), invited the latter to his Borrowdale home.

It is suspected that gogo Nguni may have contracted COVID-19 after she came into conduct with Chitemere.

However some family members insist gogo Nguni never got in contact with anyone suspected to be covid-19 positive

In the ensuing confusion, the late gogo Nguni was allegedlly posthumously tested for COVID-19, whose result also ascertained her previous positive status for the virus.

This publication understands that Chitemere is now wanted by the police in connection with how gogo Nguni may have contracted the deadly virus that eventually killed her.


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