You are currently viewing Lawyer slams fellow committee members for trying to fire Zifa secretariat members

Lawyer slams fellow committee members for trying to fire Zifa secretariat members

Lawyer slams fellow committee members for trying to fire Zifa secretariat members

HARARE- Nyasha Samandwe, a Harare lawyer who serves on the Zifa Normalisation Committee, has rebuked her fellow committee members and rejected their suggestions to fire some of the ZIFA secretariat members.

This follows after Lincoln Mutasa’s committee, which also comprises former footballers Rosemary Mugadza and Sikhumbuzo Ndebele and vice-chairperson Cynthia Malaba, has prioritized the dismissal of ZIFA acting chief executive Xolisani Gwesela, technical director Wilson Mutekede and national teams’ general manager Wellington Mpandare.

In a letter to ZIFA Normalisation Committee (NC) executive that was leaked to the Herald, Sanyamandwe said “As recommended the dismissal of Mr Gwesela, Mr Mutekede, and Mr Mpandare from ZIFA secretariat, a proposal that is not only complex but irregular without just cause.”

“Please note that if there are any allegations of wrongdoing against the aforementioned members of the secretariat that are known to any one member of the NC or anyone among the football stakeholders, such must be brought to the committee’s attention and investigations must follow through fair labour practices.

“We need to always remember that we are a Normalisation Committee and we must act with professionalism, fairness, and justice in fulfilling our duties and avoid being drawn into the toxicity of football factions, which we had been tasked to normalise.

“Football, in my opinion, is all about fair play not only on the field but also in its management. We need to ensure fair labour practices to prevent unnecessary lengthy legal disputes that would hinder the progress of ensuring that the football fans and stakeholders start enjoying the game they love so much.’’

Sanyamandwe also distanced herself from the scheme to remove Gwesela, Mutekede and Mpandare. “I tell everyone that I want to use my own judgement based on facts and law, and not be deceived into firing employees when there is no formal complaint against them that is brought to my notice and the notice of the NC.

“For now, it is my suggestion and recommendation that we all work with the current secretariat for the quick execution of our mandate. “It is my belief that we all share one vision, and that is to normalise football administration through solid strategy supported by improved processes and procedures based on good governance.

“Therefore, I request that we think carefully about issues and avoid rumours and pressure from people with selfish motives. In my profession, I shall confine myself to facts backed by evidence on matters regarding dismissal of employees, for I am an officer of the law and have sworn an oath regarding same,’’Sanyamandwe’s letter read.

However, some Warriors supporters applauded the plan to fire the trio, saying they needed to leave to help the institution start afresh.

They accused Mpandare of being involved in biased player selection and taking bribes from players, although these accusations were never verified. They also wondered how Gwesela had lasted through the end of the terms of Cuthbert Dube, Philip Chiyangwa and Kamambo and felt a new way should be spearheaded by new personalities.