Zimdef fresh scandal: CEO in corruption storm

ZIMBABWE Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef) chief executive Sebastain Marume has been caught up in a corruption storm after it was discovered that he is currently getting two salaries, one from his current employer and another from the Public Service Commission.

From 2018 to January 2020, Marume was serving as a quality assurance and standards director in the Higher and Tertiary Education ministry.

He was also acting CEO in the ministry.

An investigation by Zim Morning Post, however, showed that Marume was later promoted to the position of substantive CEO in January 2018 but has continued to receive the two salaries.

The Investigation further showed that the Zimdef management is currently getting fuel coupons ranging from 700 litres to 1 000 litres, which is all meant for personal use while.

We have not been performing our duties because there is no fuel for production.

Management is receiving fuel coupons that are meant for Zimdef’s use,” one employee confided to Zim Morning Post.

Speaking to this publication, Marume said the Zimdef human and resource department is the one responsible with his salary and was aware of his current employment status.

“I was appointed substantive CEO in February after serving in an acting capacity since 2018 and was receiving my allowances from Zimdef and at the same time getting my salary from the ministry,” Marume said.

He further said the PSC was in the process of changing his employment status, with the process being delayed due to the current COVID-19 lockdown.

He further said the fuel they were presently receiving was being given to them as per company policy.

Yes, I am receiving 1 000 litres while management gets 700 litres which is subject to review,” Marume added.

The fuel is reportedly currently being used by the Zimdef management for personal business regardless of a strict policy that prohibits the abuse of company resources for personal use.

Zimdef is not new to scandals; in 2018, the former CEO Fredrick Mandizvidza was arrested for criminal abuse of office and misappropriation of the organisation’s funds.

Mandizvidza was indicted together with the former deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa, Zimdef principal director Nicholas Mapute and Shepherd Hozheri, former personal assistant to the now exiled former minister Jonathan Moyo.

Mandizvidza’s charges were later dropped, while the other three are still facing corruption charges.