Is Cindy under pressure from Vimbai Zimuto….. who is the ‘queen of the pack’?

Recently this publication ran an article wherein we released a list of top six trending female music divas after wide consultations with music critics, fashionistas and lifestyle aficionados.

Top artiste and award winning artiste, Cindy Rufaro Munyavi, is on the list and so did Europe based Vimbai Zimuto who is a veteran artiste in her own right but sparked a storm through posting her nude pictures on social media.

As a result, Vimbai shot to instant stardom and shut down the internet with arts critics submitting that she had eclipsed Cindy.

The issue is the game has changed, as an artistes you need to complement your art with trends and you need to set your own trend.

“For instance, Cindy was trending.She has been trending because of her unique fashion sense ,style and charisma.But lately Vimbai Zimuto  is the new queen in showbiz.

Though people are not yet familiar with her music, she is trending and she simply rules after her nude pictures.

Her fame has even transcended borders.

I think Cindy is definitely feeling the heat.

Lately she hasn’t been acting herself she posted a picture that almost exposed her breasts and at NAMA awards she was wearing plastics ,” opined a music and lifestyle connoisseur  who refused to be named for professional reasons.

Cindy caused a stir at the NAMA awards last Saturday when she appeared on the red carpet (where she was hostess) rocking a Thembani Mubochwa designed PVC outfit with some sequence and a hint of Africa laced on it.

However, the audience and her fans coined it a ‘plastic dress’ and it has been talk of the town.

This has compelled critics to suggest that Cindy is going all out to maintain dominance as a pacesetter in showbiz as one title of her song suggests.

Cindy however scoffed at such speculation and dismissed it as baseless.

She said she is in no competition with anyone and she is running her own race as she has always done.

“I am doing my thing as usual.

“I am working with an American label called Ivy League au’dae now so going forward don’t be shocked if I do things a lil (sic) different than I have done in the past.

“My hustle has nothing to do with anything that any other artist is doing. I am focused on my brand,” Cindy told Zim Morning Post on Tuesday.

Vimbai echoed Cindy’s sentiments and laughed off the speculative reports.

“Well, this is laughable and petty and I cannot comment on behalf of another individual,what I can simply say is I am pursuing my art, period,” said Vimbai.

Asked on why she chose to wear the ‘plastic’ outfit, Cindy said:

“Well, Thembani ( Mubochwa) told me that he was working on a range of PVC and I told him that I want in.

“He designed the PVC with a sequence of African theme and I totally loved it.

“I am a conventional stylist but I also have a streak of adventurous side being a creative and I totally loved that piece because its unique.

“I wanted something different but everyone has opinions but real fashion cannot be boxed, we can’t wearing boring things.”

Meanwhile, Cindy has a trending fashion television magazine programme on national television. while Vimbai is having a strictly by invite exhibition in August.

The unanswered questions remains- who is the queen of the ‘pack’?