Prophet Passion ‘resurrects’ Buffalo Souljah music career

SOUTH Africa based Zimbabwe reggae-dancehall Buffalo Souljah’s music career has been ‘resurrected by flamboyant clergyman Prophet Passion Java after he had threatened to ‘kill’ it for personal reasons, Zim Morning Post can reveal.

FLAMBOYANT clergyman Prophet Passion Java has ‘resurrected’ South Africa based Zimbabwe reggae-dancehall musician Buffalo Souljah’s music career after he had threatened to ‘kill’ it for personal reasons, Zim Morning Post can reveal.

Real name Thabani Ndlovu, the gangly musician had announced that his time in the music industry was nigh.

 “I have reached the end of my music quest,” he declared then.

However, he made a dramatic U-Turn on Tuesday after persuasion from cash-rich Passion who advised him that God still needs him in the game.

The two also signed a lucrative deal which compelled Buffalo Souljah to make a comeback.

“Prophet Passion reached out and said God said its not yet time.

“He said l still have a long way to go,” he said.

In an interview with Zim Morning Post on Tuesday, Buffalo Souljah said partnering with Passion Java is a blessing which will take his brand to an international level.

“Looking at what I have done by myself imagine what l can do with a financial backing, this is a blessing any artist could ask for,” he said emphasising on the financial aspect of the deal.

He could however not divulge the intrinsic details of the deal but highlighted that it was a ‘mega deal’.

The musician said he will however not switch to gospel music.

“I will keep on doing my traditional reggae, Afro music but will obviously drop one or two tracks to praise my Lord,” Buffalo Souljah said.

Born and bred in Kambuzuma, Buffalo Souljah is one of the pioneering reggae musicians in the country .

He however rose to stardom in South Africa where he managed to network with Nigerian entertainers like DJ Waxxy who catapulted him to fame.

He owns United Nations of Africa (UNA) record label that has roped in a lot of talented artistes.

Like the adage which says a prophet is not celebrated in his own backyard, Buffalo Souljah was bigger in the region than at home until recently.

He has worked with several local artistes like the vivacious Queen Vee, Freeman,Kinah and  Winky D .

Local promoters later realised his wizardry on the microphone and are now flocking to him.

The dread-locked star recently had a war of words with Ghanaian dancehall singer Shatta Wale as they contested for the “King of African Dancehall”.

Meanwhile, Passion has been pumping a lot of money into dancehall music and he recently signed man of the moment Enzo Ishall for a hefty fee.

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