Gumbura influential and powerful in prison

The ‘god’ of Pastor Robert Martin Gumbura seems to have abandoned him leaving him at the mercy of testimonies against him in court that indicate that the years he has spent under lock and chain at Chikurubi Maximum Prison have rather made him a ‘mafia boss’ among other inmates.

The court heard that Gumbura is a very influential and all powerful member in prison who at times supply inmates with cigarettes, a move that is designed to steer them into demonstrating against prison officials under the guise of a protest while an actual prison break  was underway.

The testimony of one officer against Gumbura nailed him, forcing the court to rule that he, together with Blessing Chauke (25), Lucky Mhungu (38), Taurai Dodzo (47), Thomas Chacha (37), Elijah Vhumbunu (38) and Lucky Matambanadzo (39) proceed to their defence case to really straighten out some facts of the events that happened in 2015.

Lucky Matambanadzo is a infamous robber who terrorised the country in a spate of movie style robberies.Regional magistrate Elisha Mapfumo ruled that it was common cause that there was a violent demonstration which saw prison guards injured, prisoners, who are trained in using firearms among others attempting to break the office where armory is kept to fight with officials leading to the loss of life.

In his ruling, he only granted the application for discharge by Thulani Chizema and Jacob Sibanda and acquitted them while the others are set to appear before court on April 25.The gang is facing charges of attempting to escape from lawful custody, incitement in aggravating circumstances or alternatively conspiracy in aggravating circumstances for malicious damage to property.

Allegations are that on February 13, 2015 at around 9am, the inmates refused to eat porridge which had no sugar. They demanded to see the officer-in-charge, a Chief Superintendent Marange, who then sent his deputy, a Superintendent Dumbura, to address them.At that time, the inmates pushed out of the food containers which had been brought for lunch, refusing to be addressed by Dumbura.Dumbura left the complex’s C Hall and went to D Hall, where he ordered  food to be brought in and served to those who wanted to eat.

The court heard that before the food was served, Titus Mandikodza, who is now late, went on top of the roof through a hole in the asbestos sheets, which they had already drilled. At that moment, it is alleged, Vhumbunu and Sibanda took sadza and vegetable relish and threw it at Dumbura and that is when violence erupted with prisoners vandalising property worth over $450 000.