Former Special Counsel for US Department of Justice likens Trump to Chamisa

Trump Chamisa

Former Special Counsel for US Department of Justice likens Trump to Chamisa

THE United States is currently in the throng of a contested election and the view, in particular by lawyet Robert Swan Mueller, comparing President Donald Trump’s electoral outcome intranscigence to that of MDC Alliance’s Nelson Chamisa is illustrative.

Mueller is a former Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice, and his perceptions could have a reasonably large following within the US and other powerful nations around the globe, in particular Western Europe.

Let us be clear, lest as a publication Zim Morning Post finds itself under a barrage of unnecessary attacks: We are an independent news outlet.

And now back to Mueller…

The former Special Counsel for the US Department of Justice appeared only to be making a painful appeal to Trump’s conscience:

“I get the feeling that Trump’s defence is worse for this country,” he said.

“I was reading about Zimbabwe today, and I have been to that country, and I would say it’s a young democracy trying to figure itself out.”

“Trump is taking us to where they are, where all the opposition does, is say people who win elections are crocked; that everything is rigged, that everything is not on the level there is no such thing as truth, everything is tribal.

“An opposition which says our side is always right (and) your side is always wrong,” he concluded.

We say this under the context of Zimbabwe being under “targeted or economic” sanctions and depending one one’s pick; for two straight painful decades.

We do not say this to spite the MDC Alliance leadership.

As Zim Morning Post, we only consider it in the best interest of the opposition MDC Alliance that nothing lasts forever.

We think relationships between global centres and peripheries should never be that of ‘horses and their riders’.

Meanwhile, Mueller has put all opposition political parties, particularly those in Zimbabwe and other places in Africa on notice, that the US may in future reconsider use of the Trump modus operandi to “discredit, destabilise and effect its regime change” both in the US and around the globe.

Trump Chamisa


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