Opinion: Be wary of emotional investment

By Felix Zinhara

Some years ago, I fell neck deep in love with this insanely gorgeous woman called Cindy. Cindy was so fine!..sizzling hot, bottle shaped, with curves like Borrowdale race course.

She was always dressed in heels and pencil skirts, tightly fitting like a glove, revealing figure number 8. She had a beauty that could outshine all the billboard princesses combined. Cindy was something robust and real.

 Those days I was living in Pomona, working in Masasa, Cindy lived in Warren Park. Everyday I would wake up at the crack of dawn, drive to work in Masasa in my light blue, 1992 , Nissan Sunny box which had one head lamp due to a prior accident.

Finish work at 4, drive across town through busy traffic and cold weather. Pass through Marimba shops, buy my lady some groceries, smiling from one ear to the other, with nail biting anticipation to see my loved one.

Then I would get to Warren Park, drop the groceries, pick up Cindy. Drive with her to my house in Pomona for some mind blowing, nail curling and pillow biting romance till 12 midnight.

Then take her back home to Warren and came back home to sleep.. A total distance of about 150 km every day …and trust me, I enjoyed every moment of it. You know why? because I was “in love” or I had Emotionally Invested in the relationship.

You see, the more emotionally invested you are in anything in your life, the less critical and observant you become. Your reasoning faculty will go out through the window. It will come back after a 12 month vacation to start questioning things.

 The biggest emotional investment of them all is called FALLING IN LOVE. Trust me, it is a wonderful feeling especially the initial stage where you will be having these warm bubbly feelings all the time. At that point you wont be able to focus on anything except your loved one. If you are in High School and not careful, the moment you fall in love your grades will drop! Tomorrow, you are writing an exam on Pythagorus Theory, tell me, who cares about that stupid theory when he is in love?. No one cares!

 You see when you are in love the rest of the world doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is being with your loved one and making sure she is happy with no consideration of costs involved whatsoever. 

So, how can you use Emotional Investment to your advantage? Its easy, just find something that you love to do and turn it around into your Profession like what the likes of Tiger Woods and our legendary Jah Prayzah did. When you are doing something that you love, it ceases to be work, it will be fun. Regardless of the challenges, setbacks and obstacles you go through , you won’t need to be pushed, supervised or motivated to do something that you love. You will work for long period of hours without getting tired and the  work will be of exceptional quality. This will be so noticeable that there will be keen demand for your services, nomatter what your life-work maybe. Talk of money, yes, money will become an abundant by product of what you do!  

Felix Zinhara is a professional motivational speaker and he writes in his own capacity.