Chamisa condemns Gvt for ill-treating farmers and war vets

Movement for Democratic Change leader Nelson Chamisa condemns government for neglecting farmers.

At a press conference held in the Capital today Chamisa said that the government is robbing tobacco farmers by paying them in $RTGS when it sells tobacco in $US.

We have noted with heavy hearts the situation that has been taking place particularly with the Tobacco farmers, the kind of daylight robbery that we have seen is affecting our tobacco farmers. When they are asked to receive their returns and their payments in the currency that Mr Mnangagwa is not proud of,” said Chamisa.

Chamisa demanded government to pay tobacco farmers in $US because they are selling it in $US.

“But clearly, they are then selling that tobacco in foreign currency, this is daylight robbery, is criminal, it is unacceptable we must give tobacco farmers their bills and their rewards in foreign currency because we are not selling tobacco in bond notes. Farming has become a cursed business”

Chamisa said government has to be serious about farming and that it has to be about business, productivity and strengthening of farmers. He also said government has to strengthen the sector by making sure those necessary resources and rewards are allocated to the farmers.

Chamisa also condemned government for neglecting the War Veterans.

We also note with concern issues to do with our War Veterans and in fact this issue is very close to our party. Our War Veterans have been neglected for a long time and when elections are around the corner War Veterans become relevant yet when there are no elections, they are useless.”

He urged government to properly take care of the welfare of the war veterans.