Buy Zimbabwe rolls a campaign for its insignia

Buy Zimbabwe has rolled out an insignia campaign that is meant to enhance the visibility of their products and distinguish them from the rest of its competitors. The move is meant to boost the economy and promote local industry.

The Buy Zimbabwe insignia will be used to identify Zimbabwean produced products and services and shall be put on all local products and services whose companies are part of Buy Zimbabwe or meet the standards of the association.

Features of the insignia are the Buy Zimbabwe medallion, the Gold Beaked Fish Eagle, the multi-colored ribbon and the chevron.

The campaign is meant to enlighten Stakeholders on the benefits they will get by using this insignia. Part of the benefits getting the privilege to have their products marketed and gain market confidence since the insignia will only be given to products that will have passed a certain standard.

The insignia will also be used as identification for quality locally made products and services thus increasing sales for the product.

 “The insignia is a critical move that will see more local products dominating local market and will bring positive change in the economy”

This move is also meant to give an upper hand to local industries that produce quality products against their foreign competitors who are trying to penetrate the local market.

Most of the Zimbabwean products have not been receiving much market as they have been facing stiffer competition from foreign imported products that are internationally marketed and gain audience from all over thus the Buy Zimbabwe Insignia will see the local industries getting advertised than before.