Zimbabweans to clash at UN HQ


HUMAN rights activists based abroad are likely to clash with Friends of Zimbabwe and the December 12 Movement on Saturday in New York, the Zim Morning Post has heard.

The demonstrations are scheduled for Saturday September 21 ahead of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), set for 24-25 September.

Human rights activists are set to demonstrate against the recent abductions that have rocked the nation.

In an interview with the Zim Morning Post one of the participants, Freeman Chari, said the activists are protesting against gross human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

We want to express our anger at the human rights abuses in Zimbabwe and the abductions that are taking place,” Chari said.

The demonstrations come on backdrop of the abduction of Peter Magombeyi, a medical doctor. The abduction report has resulted in a nationwide strike by medical practitioners who are demanding his release.

Government has, however, denied that it had a role in the abduction of the medical practitioner.

On the other hand, Friends of Zimbabwe together with the December 12 Movement will be demonstrating against the economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.

Sources close to the Zim Morning Post have revealed that the two demonstrating groups have been ordered to stay 100 meters away from each other during their respective protests.

Activists from abroad have been known to protest in areas where heads of states would be gathered as a means of making their pleas known and forcing the groups of leaders to address their issues.

UN is not new to such demonstrations and many nationals and human rights activists participate in these protests.

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