You are currently viewing Trump-Biden electoral clash: Africa watching a delayed match

Trump-Biden electoral clash: Africa watching a delayed match

ALTHOUGH it is now apparent who the winner of the United States electoral titan is, there has really been nothing worth writing home about on American democracy.

The elections have been nothing but a charade, in particular following the incumbent President Donald Trump’s current theatrics.

Going back in time to present day Africa, one wonders why many blacks, including Zimbabweans, continue to suffer the indignity of being deemed undemocratic.

As a news outlet, Zim Morning Post refuses to hide its head in the soil and condone electoral violence where ever that happens, including even in our backyard.

Admittedly, Africa has its many flash points, a result of bad governance; Eritrea, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia and Tigray, all resulting in the influx of about one million refugees into Sudan.

Nearer home in Mozambique, we have begun to see the encroachment of an “imported” conflict into regions such as Cabo Delgado.

The list is endless.

All these conflicts are nearly about physical resources.

It is no different moving to the US and other rich nations in the West; only that Europeans take dirty wars abroad and to Africa.


Real power lies in one’s ability to control, not just the resources but the body of principles or beliefs “belonging to a group”.

Recent internal power struggles waged in the US between the Republicans (or President Donald Trump) and Democrats (or President-elect Joe Biden) cannot really be viewed as internal.

The real war is about who has the capacity, ideologically, to control the nations of the world.

What Africa and the rest of the world are watching is a delayed match; delayed in the sense that Trump will eventually bow out and gracefully hand over to the winner, Biden.