Is there a ‘third force’ in Magaya rape allegations……as ‘victims’ backtrack?

The dramatic somersaults made by ‘victims’ in matters involving Prophetic Healing and Deliverance founder Walter Magaya have given rise to several conspiracy theories including one  that suggests possibility of a ‘third force’ being  at play to tarnish Magaya’s image.

The latest rape allegations arose when actress Charity Dhlolo whose claim to fame is playing the role of Mai Madziva in soapie Studio 263, had an unsolicited interview with a local weekly and made the rape allegations after three years of commission of the alleged crime thereof.

The other complainant Sarah Maruta ‘withdrew charges’ on Sunday and made a video drop in which she submitted that she was made to make the ‘false claim’ under duress.

“I was never raped by Prophet Magaya.

“Charity Dhlolo phoned me and asked me to fabricate the claims and she gave the reporter my number.

“He called me and I went to their offices on Wednesday where I was assured that our discussion will; not be in the Press.

Charity told me that Enishia (Mushusha) had offered a ticket to travel to UK if I made the claims against Prophet Magaya.

“I even went with my father to see the reporter and his editor and the editor offered me protection and said they even know the assistant commissioner (of police) and it was about time to take Magaya down.

“I don’t want to tarnish my image, very soon I also be looking at getting married,”narrated Maruta.

She alleged that United Kingdom based playwright Mushusha was the architect of planned mission to destroy Magaya.

Mushusha was an employee at PHD and is alleged to be using money to fight her scores with Magaya.

“Enishia worked for PHD and interacted with Prophet (Magaya) non an almost daily basis.

“I am not sure how they fell out and she has been making spirited attempts to soil his name,”explained a congregant who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Mushusha is also the one who interviewed the Maenzanise couple which claimed that their daughter was abused by Magaya and the relationship bore an offspring.

The daughter dashed to set the record straight and also recorded a video to clear the air and water down her mother’s claims.

Mushusha however said she was not involved in coercing anyone to make such claims, she said her only crime was“speaking out and standing against wrong things.”

Dhlolo further accused Magaya of kissing her until she had to scream for help.

In her narration of the alleged attempted rape, Dhlolo neglected to give detail on the next event or third parties’ reaction after the screaming.

“What makes Dhlolo’s claim suspicious is that despite having a photographic memory displayed by her knowledge of dates she failed to give a graphic explanation of the reaction or events that occurred soon after her screams.

“If she is truthful, she must tell us the names of people who came to rescue her after her screams to give credence to her claims.

‘I am not saying she is lying because I was not there but for truth-checks and credibility, that information she deliberately omitted in her narration is key and material to back her claims.

“It wont be surprising to note that she can chicken out should she be requested to have an inspection in loco of the alleged scene,”said Maxwell Bake a sociologist and law student who also attends PHD Ministries.

Other conspiracy theories submit that the fact that Dhlolo and others made the allegations after several years, raises more questions than answers.

“The aggrieved parties withheld this information for several years.

“In the case of Dhlolo, it boggles the mind how she would accept the gifts, rentals and all the financial benefits and then build a case after she has left the church.

“I have every reason to believe that this might be a case of a foiled extortion attempt by this woman.

“After all she is an actress and is capable of assuming any role convincingly in real life.

“Her vacillating and fickle nature makes one take her allegations with a pinch of salt.

“If the prophet is guilty then she is an accessory to crime and she can be charged for concealing illegal activities and obstructing justice” added Mupfupi.

Dhlolo acknowledged that with her experience with Magaya, she is at pains to believe that Magaya has capability of committing the alleged crime.

 “As someone who was witnessing the power of the prophet first-hand, she did not see anything amiss with the invite and the subsequent offer of ministry work. Later on, offers to financially help with her rent came.

“When the offer to pay my rent came, I saw nothing amiss as I thought this was the man of God living up to his word. I accepted the money and didn’t see any ulterior motive,” Dlodlo was quoted as saying in the Sunday Mail.

Then a year into the church, rumours of the various allegations against the prophet started circulating. “Then I did not take the allegations seriously as someone who had witnessed the power of Magaya,” she added.

This publication understands a Whatsapp group of PHD ‘rebels’ made up of women was formed last year to plot and discuss methods of destroying Magaya through trumped up allegations.

Meanwhile, the allegations also follow hot on the heels of a fire break out at Magaya’s Waterfalls hotel giving credence to speculation that a ‘third force’ including rival ministries might be playing out  to destroy him and his ministry.

The cause of the fire is yet to be established.