Zim hockey desperate for funding

Zimbabwe men’s hockey captain Tendayi Maredza has sent out an SOS for funding to bankroll the team’s participation at the Africa Cup of Nations in Cape Town on August 11 to 18.

The under-resourced sport has been battling to attend international meets for over a decade with players often helping the administration in engaging fundraising activities.

Maredza, who has played for the national team for the last eight years says he struggles to remember a time when players were left to concentrate on preforming on the field.

Eight years since my debut for the Zimbabwe Men’s Hockey team and every tournament I took part in we struggled financially except the one time in 2011 when the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee supported us,” Maredza said.

“Its not easy having to practice, play  and at the same time look for your own finances to take part in an International tournament let alone get to the practice session. Hopefully someone out there will be able to assist us so that I can at least enjoy the few years I have left of playing for the national side.”