‘Sneak Peek’ of ZACC commissioners

President Emmerson Mnangagwa sworn in eight Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) commissioners on Monday and the appointees were drawn from diverse backgrounds.

He has included former opposition members and top intellectuals.

Zim Morning Post gives you a quick look at the commissioners’ backgrounds  and how they can meaningfully contribute in the fight against corruption.

Jessie Majome

She is a lawyer by profession and very vocal in anti-corruption drive and women empowerment.

She was Harare West MDC legislator and her candid talk saw her blasting MDC leader Nelson Chamisa for allowing Joana Mamombe to contest her in the primary elections.

She was to later withdraw her candidature saying the whole process was not fair.

Her appointment will contribute to the anti-graft fight since she is a no-nonsense woman who is not susceptible to bribes, being gagged by ‘gifts’ or intimidated by threats.

John Makamure

Is a founding Executive Director of the Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust .

He has been involved in legislative strengthening, Advocacy, economic and public policy analysis and research.

This gives him an edge in the fight against corruption as his knowledge of the law can help nab sophisticated crimes.

Gabriel Chaibva

He is a controversial politician with a fickle nature.

He has juggled between both ZANU PF and MDC and is considered as a ‘snitch’ and ‘mercenary’  in his circles.

Chaibva is a former MDC legislator for Harare South. He rejoined ZANU PF in 2010 and he claims to have contributed 32 years of his life to national service.

It is widely believed that his appointment is a reward for his   spirited testimony before Mothlante’s Commission of Enquiry investigating the August 1 killings.

Soon after his appointment he declared war on the Fourth Estate which he described as ‘one of the most corrupt’ arm.

His vacillating personality might compromise his rectitude in some high profile investigations where the bigwigs can dangle a carrot.

Mabel Hungwe

Mabel is a Rural Development Specialist/Policy Analyst and a Development Facilitator with a PhD degree in Social and Economic Geography.

She is married to top civil servant Vincent Hungwe and has written several papers on the government land redistribution programme.

She is well read and has a squeaky clean background that puts her in a better position to deliver her mandate.

Frank Muchengwa

He is a former cop and his vast knowledge of law enforcement and investigations will add value to the commission.