ZACC seized with 200 high profile corruption cases

The newly appointed Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) is geared to deliver its mandate and is set to investigate more than 200  corruption cases, Justice Loice Matanda- Moyo has said.

The major cases on the priority list include the  potentially explosive and jealously guarded National Social Security Authority (NSSA) audit report, Hwange Colliery crisis, Auditor -General  audit report, ZESA forensic audit report as well as the ZINARA forensic audit report.

Speaking on the sidelines of the swearing in ceremony at State House on Monday,  Matanda-Moyo said the commission was ready to get heads rolling.

“We are a new team determined to deliver our mandate, the cases are plenty to name, I would need two days to give you the list but surely we are seized with more than 200 cases,” she said.

“We will look at the Attorney General report, Zesa audit report, NSSA report,  Hwange Colliery as well as the fuel sector, but not that it’s not only the public sector, we have some cases in the private  sector because we realised corruption in this country  is deep rooted,” she said.

Matanda -Moyo welcomed the arresting  powers that were recently  given to ZACC saying it has made the ZACC more empowered.

One of the newly appointed commissioner Gabriel Chaibva  vowed that they will leave no stone unturned.

“People tend to think that when we talk about corruption in Zimbabwe it’s the government but there is corruption everywhere in Zimbabwe and it has to be uprooted,” he said.

He accused media practitioners of being also part of the scourge.

“Journalists have a tendency to point fingers elsewhere but the most corrupt people are journalists,” said the controversial Chaibva.