Land audit: Open letter to ED

Mr President Sir, His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa we applaud the stance you have taken in the initiative to embark on a land audit where multiple farm owners have been unearthed.

The audit is indeed a noble cause as it goes a long way in exposing the unfair land distribution in the country.

However, your latest revelation that former First Lady Grace Mugabe owned 16 farms is a ‘tell-tale’ sign that several other bigwigs from within ZANU PF are also guilty of the same abuse of office and  pure greed.

We have heard of names of  bigwigs especially in the ruling party owning vast tracts of land at the expense of the general populace.

Now that you have personally exposed one such, it gives credence to such allegations and now the whole world is waiting to see what action you are going to take.

All eyes are on you sir, as the world wants to see if you will walk the talk.

That yourself declared your 536 hectare Sherwood Farm in Kwekwe is an open secret and the million dollar question is what about your peers, comrades , compatriots and friends?

This is indeed a new dawn for our country, for a change, a person of the highest office like yourself has voiced out the concerns on major issues that will steer our country in the right direction and see most citizens who were deemed unfit benefiting from the gains of independence.

Mr President sir, you have however found yourself in a very tight spot as all our eyes are on you.

The citizens and even the International community are focused on you to see how exactly you will proceed from this predicament we have found ourselves at as a people. Talk has proven to be very cheap as so many words are uttered in the political highway all in the name of gaining political mileage.

You now have to prove to us that this is not political banter or a means of just gaining popularity with the masses.

 The main hurdle in your way is ensuring that the excess land that was acquired by some greedy individuals who want it all to themselves, some of which has been lying idle and under utilised is repossessed and redistributed fairly among us Zimbabweans.

The challenge however is that most individuals who are benefiting from multiple farm ownership are people in high places as well, fellow politicians, powerful judges and securocrats.

It is people who  you dine and wine with and are also key players in your government.

Their hands are dirty!!

Will you be able to seize land from your fellow comrades or this line of talking will die out like the many others we have heard in the past.

In the event that your government does deliver and the land is seized from the parties that were profiteering from the chaos, how will it be redistributed?

Do we brace ourselves for another ‘Chimurenga’? Or will members of Zanu Pf benefit again as has been the norm.

Naturally, like a father, you might be tempted   to please your children and give first preference to Zanu PF youth league.

That will be a wrong move sir with all due respect, it will be like a deja vu of the land reform spearheaded by our kith and kin from Svosve in Mashonaland East where I hail from.

 Already some top ZANU PF youth leaders are crying to have a morsel from this pot.

The youthful leaders are already making strides towards ensuring that they ring fence this territory as they are already on record pleading for some of the land to be distributed amongst them.

Your role however, Mr President sir is to be the neutral force in all the chaos that is about to erupt and ensure that a fair and corrupt free environment is put in place for every Zimbabwean to benefit.

Close to 40 years after independence we already have generations of individuals who never participated in the liberation war and are neither active in politics but are equally Zimbabweans and also need land to contribute in our agricultural sector.

The new wave of younger politicians see this as an opportunity to use their political cards and have an upper hand and gain, and indeed they are entitled to benefit, but like everyone else they should not be given any special treatment.

Mr President, it is my humble prayer that this matter be by no chance politicized and be dealt with in a manner that proves that we are indeed in a new dispensation that is open for free and fair business for every Zimbabwean.

I have no shred of doubt that you are a listening president, tinokumbirawo mutinzwe!!! (please consider our pleas)