Corruption, nepotism haunts PG’s office

The Prosecutor General (PG)’s office has been accused of nepotism and corruption where some high profile cases are being swept under the carpet as money exchange hands, Zim Morning Post has learnt.

Reports of bribery involving prosecutors and magistrates at courts are on the increase and  interestingly it is in direct contrast to their motto: “Justice is for free, do not pay for it.”

There is a new trend in the country where magistrates are being implicated in corruption activities giving rise to a rhetoric question’ who will judge the judge?’

According to sources within the National Prosecutors Authority it only takes connections and money for one to be free no matter the magnitude of the charges they face.

“For one to be a free man it only needs your money and connections, if you have money you will not go to jail,” said an insider.

 In the Second Republic we expect justice to prevail over bribes, we expect justice to take its course, we expect our JSC members to do things by the book, we condemn corruption, we condemn injustice, as the  saying goes “Do not pay for justice, it is for free.”

 A lot of high profile cases have failed to kick start due to varying circumstances at the PG’s office.

 However, human rights lawyer Kudzai Kadzere blamed the state for arresting people without concrete evidence.

“The problem is that the state has been arresting people before investigating they put the cart before the horses, justice is something which must be done in respect of the accused person rights,” said Kadzere.

However sources within the NPA say that the newly appointed Prosecutor General Kumbirai Hodzi is trying to fight corruption and cartels within the NPA.

“The Prosecutor General has shown a political will to cleanse the NPA from the demons of corruption, he is trying a lot ,hopefully his dream of Justice for free will come to fruition  the only fear is that  he might step on corrupt cartel leaders,” said a source in NPA