Forex dealings: Chivayo fires back shots at Matutu

Flamboyant businessman and managing director for renewable energy firm Intratrek Zimbabwe Wicknell Chivayo has become the third high profile figure to publicly challenge  ZANU PF youth league deputy secretary for youth affairs Lewis Matutu to prove his allegations that he is involved in illegal foreign currency dealings and other corrupt activities.

Reserve Bank governor John Mangudya   filed a lawsuit on Wednesday and demanded defamation claims of ZWD$1 million within five days, while Zimbabwe Miners’ Federation president Henrieta Rushwaya accused Matutu of attempting to abuse his office and arm twist her to give him mining equipment without following due procedure.

On Thursday, Chivayo came out guns blazing and absolving himself from any illegal foreign currency dealings or any corrupt activities as alleged by Matutu in a list he released on Monday .

Chivayo registered his dismay on micro blogging site Facebook on Thursday and  submitted that he is not in any way involved in illegal forex dealings nor does he harbour intentions to join ZANU PF party structures if any case Matutu felt threatened.

“I have learnt with great dismay of papers circulating on social media with my great name. It sounds rather inconceivable and witless that Cde Lewis Matutu has made an erroneous conclusion that I am forex dealer simply because I live an opulent lifestyle.

“This depicts a very shallow level of reasoning on his part and much as I strongly support ZANU PF I have never and will never run to join party structures so someone please tell him not to be threatened by my success,” wrote  Chivayo.

Chivayo spoke glowingly of the RBZ governor Mangudya  and castigated Matutu for tarnishing the name of the governor and other senior government officials without tendering proof of his allegations.

I disregard the stupidity of attacking the RBZ Governor who is a highly respected banker of unquestionable integrity who sits on many boards representing Zimbabwe.

“Shockingly, all this being said the same day the new currency is announced ,  with all due respect this was the most foolish thing a person of such an esteemed office could ever do.

“Also attacking the Minister of Tourism on the same day Zimbabwe is hosting Heads of State in Vic Falls was again very foolish.

“Attacking senior members of our party has a detrimental effect because everyone begins to wonder where you are getting the iron balls to do that. It therefore creates more confusion and speculation,” added Chivayo.

Chivayo went on to acknowledge the key role of the youths in national and economic development but hastened to note that it needed a sober mind to achieve that.

“The future belongs to us youths and the primitive mentality that every rich man acquired his wealth through criminal and corrupt means is baseless and nonsensical to say the least with utmost due respect.

“ I have no issues with anyone talking bad about Wicknell and all I ask is please just make sure you spell my name right,” he said .

He went on to challenge Matutu to produce evidence of any crime he has committed.

If you have any evidence linking me to the commission of any offence please kindly deliver it to the nearest police station at your earliest convenience. I’m a citizen of this country and I’m equally protected by the constitution so ndaneta neku dhererwa.(I am tired of being pushed around).”

Chivayo has been embroiled in a long and winding legal battle  with Zimbabwe Power Company over his company’s  $200 million Gwanda solar project  contract  but was eventually cleared and acquitted by the High Court after the judge concluded that he was acting within the  confines of the contractual agreement

Matutu produced a list of alleged corrupt bigwigs and businessmen on Monday and it has been received with mixed feelings. T

The list ripped apart top government officials among them, Minister of Tourism Prisca Mupfumira whose association with National Social Security Authority (NSSA) is said to have bled the authority , Minister of State for Presidential Affairs in charge of Implementation and Monitoring Dr Joram Gumbo whose association with the stinking Zimbabwe Airways deal was questioned, Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda who is alleged to have had dodgy deals with ZINARA and youthful transport and logistics mogul Tinoda Machakaire member of Parliament Wedza Constituency.

Popularly known as Tinmac, the young politician is alleged to be involved in illegal foreign currency dealings where he has a team which mops hard United States dollar on the streets.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the Politburo  called for a Commission of Inquiry into the allegations raised by the youth wing leaders.