Zim Dollar return: Local shops accept new currency

When there is change in any sphere of life, there is bound to be uncertainty and resistance and such is the case in the re-introduction of the Zimbabwe dollar as sole legal tender as announced on Tuesday.

 There was a public outcry when government announced the move with citizens  facing confusion on the implications of the development.

Some citizens were sceptical, some were optimistic but fear and uncertainty ‘ruled the roost’

The majority of the populace were not so sure about the next move, it was like a dark moment for most Zimbabweans, some said the local currency will not work while some were optimistic that it will work.

The Government of Zimbabwe on Monday revoked the law which allowed Zimbabweans to trade with a basket of multi- currency opting for the forgotten Zim Dollar which suffered a natural death during the days of Dr Gideon Gono.

However a survey which was done by Zim Morning Post Business on Wednesday,  revealed that most local shops have adjusted slowly to sell in Zim Dollars which most people have renamed  to Zim Kwacha (Zambian Currency).

It is however important to note that these shops are accepting US  dollars and Rands via the back door after meticulous verification that you are not a plain clothes police officer or a Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe official.

 A conversation with one of the shopkeepers in Harare Central Business district confirmed the information above.

“Mukoma wangu (My brother) we are operating in a very tight situation we actually do not know what the future holds for us, we purchased our goods (Car Radios) in US dollars and we were expecting to sell in US dollars but with the current situation we just have to sell in  Zim dollars and quickly rush to the black market to   buy the US dollar,” said one dealer.

The dealer went on to say that if they trust a customer they allow the individual to buy using forex.

“If we trust you , we can buy using forex through the back door but most of our customers are paying in bond notes or Ecocash but the amount will be equivalent to the amount of  US dollar at the black market,” added a radio dealer.

Another observation  made is that most pharmacies are still selling their products in US dollars , a development that burdens citizens who earn salaries in local currency.

Pharmacies should also adhere to the new law  which clearly stipulates that every transaction within the borders of  Zimbabwe should be done in our local currency,” said Paddy Hlatswayo.

Most Zimbabweans believe that the re -introduction of Zim Dollar will bring more confusion to the already suffering citizens who no longer believe in our banking system.

“There is nothing wrong with having  our own currency, the only problem we have is that  we do not have faith and trust in our banking system, they need to do basic things so that we start to believe in our system again but as it stands we are going to see more confusion because we are already confused,” added Hlatswayo.