No electricity connection without Zesa supervision: Court warns

A Harare Magistrate has warned people against connecting electric gadgets without the supervision of ZESA officials who have the authority to do so.
Magistrate Jessy Kufa said this while handing down her sentence to a Norton man who was facing charges of culpable homicide after a 21 month-old baby was electrocuted as a result of illegal electric connections.
Wilbert Ndayama was sentenced to four years in jail while two years were suspended on condition of good behavior.
“Electricity is hazadous and should always be connected by experts and not just back door connection like what the accused did,” said Kufa.
“It is the only authority with the right to connect all electric gadgets and a lengthy custodial sentence should be imposed to send a clear message to everyone, in this case, however, the matter has been on remand since 2015 so it has been a punishment on the accused

The life of a child was lost, the loss is not felt only by the parent but by the nation at large as the baby had potential for our country as well. The death of the minor is a violation of the right to life and the court has the upper hand in ensuring children’s security.”
Ndayama was facing charges of culpable homicide and charges of contravening the electricity Act but both charges were treated as one.
Allegations are that on August 21, 2015, the now deceased went to Ndayama’s house to play with other children. While they were playing, the now deceased was electrocuted when he touched an illegal electricity connection attached to the borehole.