Fireworks as Wadyajena, Musarara clash over GMB silos financing deal

  • President Emmerson Mnangagwa said to have approached GMAZ to finance silos rehabilitation
  • The then Finance minister Patrick Chinamsa negotiated the loan
  • Wadyajena said documents do not show any loan issued
  • Musarara said drafters used the term financing not loan
  • GMB denied receiving any loan from GMAZ

Sparks flew in parliament as Gokwe-Nembudziya legislator Mayor Wadyajena who chairs the Portfolio committee on Lands, Agriculture and Resettlement clashed with Grain Millers Association (GMAZ) chairperson Tafadzwa Musarara, who was giving oral evidence on how the US$27 million wheat importation allocation was utilised as well as how the US$9 million Grain Marketing Board (GMB) silos repair financing deal was implemented.
The meeting, billed to be explosive, came after Wadyajena summoned Musarara through police “because GMAZ wanted the youthful politician to recuse himself from chairing the committee citing conflict of interest.”
As Wadyajena demanded explainations on the silos financing deal, Musarara revealed that GMAZ was approached by the then vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa to help finance the repairing of the silos as GMB had no funds to carry out the project.
“… Sometime in 2017, the chairperson of the cabinet committee………now his Excellency the President, approached the milling industry and said that the command agriculture at that particular time was very successful, a big harvest was being expected but the silos repairs needed to be funded,” Musarara told the committee.

“He (Mnangagwa) advised that the treasury didn’t have funding at that particular time so we were later approached by the then minister of Finance Patrick Chinamasa who advised us that government was desirous to seek a loan from the millers.
” ….for the funding of the repairs of the silos …..and as millers we provided a funding arrangement through a turn sheet.
“We signed an agreement with the minister of finance which we have submitted to this committee,” Musarara said.
In 2017, GMAZ entered into a silos repair contract with government, represented by Chinamasa and at a gathering in Mashonaland Central Mnangagwa also confirmed that GMAZ had funded the repairing of silos.

At the material time a document signed then stated that “This indicative term sheet sets out the basis upon which the GMAZ would consider financing GMB to enable the latter to rehabilitate, repair and maintain certain of its
According to the document “the utilisation of $9 million was to be monitored by MetBank Limited, which was the “arranger” of the contract.
However, GMB representative, on Tuesday denied in parliament that GMAZ had financed the rehabilitation of silos.
Fireworks then errupted as Wadyajena demanded to see where it was written that this was a loan on the time sheets which detailed the whole transaction.
Musarara, in response, said on the contract the drafters “did not use the term loan but financing.”


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