COVID-19: Panic grips Nedbank employees

NEDBANK Zimbabwe has come under fire for its shoddy handling of internal COVID-19 cases, amid accusations of stifling information so it does not reach the employees, Zim Morning Post can report.

A reliable source confided to this publication that several employees based at the Nedbank Head Office in Harare last week tested positive for COVID-19.

The Zim Morning Post source said despite tests for the deadly virus being regularly conducted, many employees have allegedlly had their COVID-19 results withheld.

“What pains me is that tests are being done but for others, results are being withheld.

“This means if you don’t get the results, you continue coming to work, in the process exposing yourself and endangering other employees,” the insider, who preferred anonymity for professional reasons, said.

There are also allegations of criminal negligence by the top management.

“For those who test positive for COVID-19, they are being made to buy their own medication even after contracting the virus while going about their contractual obligations at the company,” confided the source.

Affected employees have also accused Nedbank of further endangering their families by not carrying out conduct tracing, something which would ensure the safety of their family members and social contacts as the disease is known to be contagious.

“Nedbank is not keen to even do contact tracing.

“What is prudent is for the organisation to send health teams to do tests at the homes of all individuals affected, including their other social contacts,” added one worker who also preferred anonymity.

This publication also understands that employees have been subjected to a strict code of conduct at the workplace, where it has been demanded that they do not share with colleagues their COVID-19 statuses.

“Of those positive, the employer is ordering them not to share their results with fellow workmates.

“But by not sharing, what will that really achieve? Nothing.

“Instead, it only leads to a spike in COVID-19 cases at the workplace,” added the employee.