Magaya’s church accuses ZIMRA of forging documents

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance ministries (PHD) head of finance stunned the court after insinuating that the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) forged their financial statements in order to build a case against them.

This was said before Regional Magistrate Hosea Mujaya who is presiding over the tax evasion case against the multi-million dollar church owned by self- styled prophet Walter Magaya.

The head of the finance department Nelson Munemo said this in a bid to discredit the revenue authority and possibly distance the ministry from the allegations levelled against the church.

The financial documents in question are alleged to have been retrieved from the computers seized from the PHD offices with the assistance of one Winnie who is the second in hierarchy after Munemo.

“This document, (financial statement) does not in any way belong to us, it is not authentic in any way as I should have signed for it and authenticate it,” he said.

“After the raid at our offices and our computers had been seized, the ZIMRA officials had access to our information and could have easily tampered with the information to produce the documents.

“Winnie had no access to the information purportedly contained in the documents as I was out of the country and I am the only one with access all she had was access to using her machine for day to day runnings and it must be noted that we do not operate like companies because we are a church.”

Munemo however failed to clarify as to why he only had access to the said information when he had assistance in the department.

He also failed to answer questions by the Prosecutor George Manokore as to why they did not report that their property had been seized in a manner they had not liked and also why he failed to account for the specific items seized by ZIMRA which seems to suggest that they can willingly refuse owning certain properties.

Could the church be covering something up is the million dollar question?