You are currently viewing Chamisa Drops Bombshell: No New Party Amid Zimbabwe’s Political Upheaval

Chamisa Drops Bombshell: No New Party Amid Zimbabwe’s Political Upheaval

Chamisa Drops Bombshell: No New Party Amid Zimbabwe’s Political Upheaval

Nelson Chamisa, leader of Zimbabwe’s main opposition party CCC, has decided against forming a new political party. Instead, informed sources reveal that he intends to shift towards post-party politics, focusing on a citizen-centered movement that operates differently from conventional parties.

A Missed Opportunity

Chamisa believes that CCC missed the chance to become a true citizen movement due to its transformation into a political party. The constant debates about organizational structures, positions, and institutionalization hindered its potential.

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In his statement, Chamisa expressed his disappointment: “CCC has been criminally handed over to Zanu PF. Our politics has been defiled by personal aggrandizement and a pursuit of titles and benefits. A contaminated, hijacked CCC cannot deliver a New Great Zimbabwe.”

A Call for Citizen Leadership

Chamisa emphasized the need for honest and accountable citizens in leadership positions. He revealed that he has been approached by various groups, including war veterans, women’s groups, youth groups, church leaders, trade unions, civil society, and leaders from other African countries. They seek lasting solutions to Zimbabwe’s problems as a nation.

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Resisting Temptation

Chamisa acknowledged the allure of schemes and incentives aimed at undermining the cause for freedom. However, he stated that some individuals, including himself, have refused such enticements in pursuit of higher ideals—happiness and dignity for all.

A Defiant Stand

Despite facing challenges, Chamisa called on all citizens to rally behind fresh and genuine leadership. He encouraged the pursuit of new politics that prioritize service over personal gain. He denounced the judicial system’s denial of their efforts to regain control of CCC, characterizing it as illogical and lacking legal reasoning.

Looking Ahead

Chamisa declared that he no longer has any association with CCC and shared his plans for a new movement. As a patriot and servant of the people, he pledged to remain active in public service and continue advocating for freedom and holistic transformation in Zimbabwe.