GMAZ increases maize price by over 200 percent

Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe president Tafadzwa Musarara

GRAIN Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) has increased the price of maize from ZW$1 300 to ZW$4 000 per tonne following the removal of subsidies on grain.

Prices of basic commodities like rice and cooking oil have continued to go up almost on a monthly basis.
In a statement released Monday by the GMAZ secretariat, spokesperson Garikai Chaunza said the removal of subsidies had led to a rise in the prices of maize meal.

“In light of the above price movement, the price of roller meal shall be circa ZW$89.96 per 10kg  and a traditional margin of miller prices to retailers in 13% thus giving a retail price of approximately ZW$101.66 per 10kg,” he said.

Chaunza also said millers were free to charge according to their cost structures.
Meanwhile, the Grain Marketing Board announced that it would back pay all farmers who had sold their maize or small grains to the government this season, but grain deliveries to the GMB continue to be atypically low.

Prices of agricultural inputs are likely to jeopardise the 2019/20 summer season, with inputs producers already signaling suppressed demand.

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