You are currently viewing Tshabangu To Use Chamisa’s Face to Secure By-Election Victory
Tshabangu To Use Chamisa's Face to Secure By-Election Victory

Tshabangu To Use Chamisa’s Face to Secure By-Election Victory

Tshabangu To Use Chamisa’s Face to Secure By-Election Victory

Self-imposed Secretary General of CCC, Sengezo Tshabangu, has announced his intention to use party president Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s face as a central campaign tool for the upcoming by-election. Tshabangu firmly believes that Chamisa’s face now belongs to the party and not just the individual.

Using Chamisa’s Face as a Party Asset

During a recent interview, Sengezo confirmed that CCC MPs and Councillors from his faction are going to use Chamisa’s face for their campaign.

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He argued that legally, Chamisa’s face belonged to the party and even if he were to leave, his image would remain a valuable asset of the CCC. “It belongs to the party in terms of law,” stated Sengezo. “Even if today he walks away he leaves that face.”

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Internal Divisions Lead to Factional Contest

Tshabangu’s declaration comes in the midst of internal divisions within the CCC. Sengezo has recalled over 20 officially elected members from the National Assembly, the Senate, and council. This has created a vacuum that will be filled through by-elections scheduled for December 9th.

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Factions Nominate Candidates

The faction loyal to Chamisa has chosen to nominate the same candidates who were ousted by Sengezo. In contrast, Sengezo’s faction has put forward its own candidates, who were not initially selected during the CCC candidate selection process before the August elections.

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Calls for Dialogue and Reconciliation

Amidst the political turmoil, former Nketa MP Kucaca Phulu, who submitted nomination papers for Sengezo’s candidates, acknowledged the deep divisions within CCC. He urged members to engage in dialogue and seek reconciliation. Phulu viewed the existing rifts as an opportunity to mend fences and move the organization forward.

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As the CCC faces the upcoming by-elections, it remains to be seen how the utilization of Chamisa’s face as a campaign symbol will impact the outcome.