You are currently viewing Chamisa’s Bold Response to Tshabangu:’My Purpose is to Create, Not to Destroy or Kill’

Chamisa’s Bold Response to Tshabangu:’My Purpose is to Create, Not to Destroy or Kill’

Chamisa’s Bold Response to Tshabangu:’My Purpose is to Create, Not to Destroy or Kill’

CCC president Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s bold response to to self-imposed Interim Secretary General Sengozo Tshabangu, refusing to be deterred from his purpose to build a stronger causes tranquility on X.

Despite Tshabangu’s agenda to recall more Senators, MPs and Councillors, Advocate remains resolute in his role as a builder, not a destroyer.

A Life of Building, Not Destroying

CCC President Nelson Chamisa

Advocate emphatically asserts that he has never been driven by a desire to destroy or kill. Instead, his innate purpose is to construct and uplift. “In my whole life, I have never destroyed. I only build. I was born with the mantle to build,” Advocate declares.

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Investing in Peace

In a nation yearning for progress, Chamisa emphasizes the importance of harmony. He dismisses the notion of engaging in futile conflicts, vowing to be a peace-maker at any cost. “My gift is to build, not specialize in profitless fights. I invest in peace no matter the cost or abuse. Zimbabwe needs builders, not destroyers or demolishers. We need light, not fight,” Advocate boldly proclaims.

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Mixed Reactions From Netizens

Some Netizens have questioned the legitimacy of the upcoming by-elections, stating that participating would only serve to validate the controversial August 23rd election supervised by ZEC, which many believe failed to fulfill its mandate.

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Some have accused Chamisa of centralizing power and sidelining opposition veterans. They argue that inclusivity and unity, not a one-man show, are the keys to sustainable peace and progress in Zimbabwe.


It’s also worth knowing Mr President Sir, that any participation of this upcoming feja-feja election will be a way to sanitize è August 23 shame election. We’ve already say we cannot participate in any election supervised by Zec becoz they failed their mandate


I find glory in peace and glitter in humility 🤞🏽


Lest we forget‼️‼️ The people will always follow the idea🙏💛


Admitting mistakes and learning from them also makes you a wise leader! Personally, I wish you well


‘But i come that i may have life and have it in abundance.’ This is our mandate.


You don’t appear to actually recognise the destroyer in yourself– For therein lies the curse and challenge for all who look up to your (mis)leadership.


As Chamisa faces criticism and support alike, the future of Zimbabwe hinges on the ability to navigate these challenges. Whether he can unite the opposition and fulfill his vision of a prosperous nation remains to be seen.