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Chamisa Orders MPs and Senators to Disengage from Parliament

Chamisa Orders MPs and Senators to Disengage from Parliament

CCC president Nelson Chamisa has instructed his party’s MPs, Senators, and Councillors to disengage from Parliament and councils until the ongoing recall controversy is resolved.

Chamisa Clarifies Disengagement

During a press, Advocate clarified that disengagement doesn’t mean boycotting. But it simply means its temporary suspension of all chamber activities until the crisis is resolved.

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Chamisa’s Two-Pronged Strategy

Father Mukunori and Advocate Chamisa

In an effort to address Zimbabwe’s legitimacy crisis, Chamisa outlined a two-pronged strategy being pursued by his party. Firstly, they aim to engage in national dialogue through channels such as the church and other interlocutors. Additionally, they plan to lobby the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) for intervention. Advocate emphasized that the CCC maintains the right to mobilize the masses if necessary.

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Seeking Resolution through Dialogue

CCC president expressed the importance of initiating national dialogue with various stakeholders to find a viable resolution to the country’s ongoing challenges. By engaging in dialogue, his party hopes to foster constructive discussions and reach a consensus that will restore Zimbabwe’s political stability.

Lobbying for SADC Intervention

Chamisa and Wiwa


Recognizing the regional influence of SADC, Advocate highlighted the CCC’s efforts to seek intervention from the organization. By appealing to SADC, Chamisa aims to draw attention to the crisis in Zimbabwe. So as to encourage regional leaders to take proactive measures in resolving the legitimacy issue at hand.

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The Right to Mobilize the Masses

While pursuing diplomatic avenues, Advocate emphasized that the CCC retains the right to mobilize the masses. This serves as a reminder that, if needed, the party can utilize grassroots support to amplify their demands and push for meaningful change.


Chamisa’s call for disengagement from Parliament and councils reflects the opposition’s determination to resolve the recall controversy.