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Temba Mliswa Educates Chamisa on Recalls

Temba Mliswa Educates Chamisa on Recalls

Former Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has taken it upon himself to enlighten CCC leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa regarding the constitutional provisions surrounding recalls.

Mliswa Exposes Ambiguous Recall Authority

Temba Mliswa

Temba asserts that while CCC party members may be well-educated, their lack of comprehension of certain debates exposes their limited understanding of the constitution. He highlights that the constitution grants political parties the power to recall its members. But it does not specify who within the party holds that authority.

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Mliswa Urges CCC to Address Recall Loophole

In light of this loophole, Temba emphasizes that any letter written by an individual within the party can be accepted by the Speaker of Parliament as grounds for recall. Instead of fighting the Speaker, Temba suggests that the CCC focus its efforts on amending the law to clarify the recall process.

Bhuru’s Past Efforts to Safeguard Against Recalls

Mliswa revealed his own attempt to amend the law during his time in parliament. He expressed that he raised a motion but only Hon Mushorewa engaged in the debate. His intention was to prevent the CCC from facing the current crisis. Temba as an independent candidate was immune to a recall.

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Speaker Mudenda’s Controversial Recalls

Sengozo Tshabangu At a CCC rally

Yesterday, Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda acted upon a letter from Sengozo Tshabangu. Tshabangu is claiming to be the interim Secretary General of CCC and recalled 15 MPs. This decision by the Speaker prompted a protest by CCC MPs within parliament. The protest had to be intervened of riot police as ordered by Mudenda.


Speaker Mudenda’s recent recall of 15 CCC MPs adds to a history of controversial actions. In 2020, MDC-T leader Madam Khupe successfully recalled MDC-A MPs through a letter to Mudenda. It is alleged that earlier, Chamisa had notified the Speaker that all communication regarding recalls must come directly from his office. The recall of Chamisa’s MPs based on a letter from an individual claiming party membership, which the party denies, has sparked debates about the Speaker’s acceptance of such letters over official channels.