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Government steps up efforts to prevent cholera spread in Zimbabwe

Abel Karowangoro

HARARE – The Minister of Information Jenfan Muswere announced on Tuesday that the government is committed to combating cholera, a waterborne disease that poses a significant threat to Zimbabwe’s population. He said the government has implemented stringent measures to monitor and control the transmission of this potentially deadly disease.

Speaking to the media, Muswere emphasized the need for proactive measures to halt the spread of cholera. He said the government has initiated robust screening protocols across various regions of the country, aiming to swiftly identify and isolate potential cases. He also said that strict regulations have been imposed on public gatherings such as funerals and parties, as they act as a deterrent against undetected transmission of cholera.

Muswere reassured the public that the government remains resolute in its commitment to protect citizens from cholera. He urged citizens to cooperate fully with screening procedures and adhere to the imposed regulations on gatherings. He said, “By working together and remaining vigilant, we can effectively curb the cholera spread and safeguard the well-being of our nation.”