FB bounces back with a bang

MUSIC prodigy Fibion Jackson has bounced back with a new album after a two-year hiatus due to economic challenges which had led to him failing to produce more albums.

The album will be launched in Harare in two weeks’ time at Red Fox in Greendale, and the release of his new album Moyo will definitely hype fans up.

In an exclusive interview, Jackson, also known as FB Jackson said the majority of his albums were both motivational and influential because he grew up in a family of talented people.

“My motive for producing these albums is to encourage youths because I grew up in a family of talented people which, therefore, gave me the courage to jump into the music industry.

“I am back on the track because I think I can resurrect and unveil my hidden talent,” he said.

Despite his ups and downs on and off stage, FB Jackson managed to release 10 albums, including Mahombokombe, Nyarara Nherera, Ndakakusarudza and Kwayedza, which seem to have bounced.

Talking about his forthcoming album, FB Jackson said in the past two years he had abandoned his talent due to lack of financial and family support.

Jackson said he was happy to be launching a new album which will somehow mark his resurgence.

In his new album, JB Jackson teamed up with O2 and Seku Bee, who is also his producer.

The musician started singing on December 3, 2007.