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Chegutu Mine Disaster: Zim Abandons Rescue Operations

Chegutu Mine Disaster: Government abandons rescue mission for trapped miners in Chegutu

Two weeks after a mining disaster in Chegutu, the government has announced that it has given up on rescuing the remaining miners who are still trapped underground.

The Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities, Daniel Garwe, said that the ground was unstable and threatened the lives of the rescue team.

“There are about 30 people who are still trapped in the mine, but because the ground is not stable its shaking and its threatening the life of the rescue team,” Minister Garwe said.

The incident occurred at the Bay Horse Mine, where 42 artisanal miners were working when the mine collapsed. Twenty-one of them were rescued, while another 10 were believed to be buried in the rubble. The rescue efforts initially showed signs of progress, with some miners being located and supplied with essentials. However, as the rescue teams faced numerous challenges, including limited resources and access, hopes of a successful operation began to fade.

The decision to abandon the rescue mission has left the families of the trapped miners devastated, as they had hoped that their loved ones would be brought back alive. The mining disaster has also raised questions about the safety and regulation of artisanal mining in Zimbabwe.