Bulawayo land scam: Residents up in arms with corrupt councillors


RESIDENTS are up in arms with some Bulawayo City Council (BCC) councillors who are accused of parcelling out residential stands without following due process, in exchange of kickbacks.

This development has disadvantaged those who have been on the waiting list for periods as long as 10 years.

Councillor Shilla Musonda of Ward 7 was sucked in the corrupt activities and accused of working in cahoots with BCC Housing director Dictar Khumalo who is abusing office in championing the rot.

Disgruntled residents allege that Musonda was leading the cartel and they targeting houses in the Thorngrove area where residents pay bribes or ‘facilitation fees’ to build on wetlands.

“There is corruption at Bulawayo City Council in the allocation of housing stands in Thorngrove suburb,” said one of the residents who spoke to Zim Morning Post.

The area under dispute is along Station Road in Thorngrove Ward 7, were residents were given some houses in a Bulawayo Housing Project.

Beneficiaries of the corrupt allocations are said to have paid Musonda through Khumalo money amounting to US$1000 .

Musonda who has been Ward 8 councilor since 2013 is accused of using her proximity to the housing director to turn recreational spaces into residential areas.

“Open spaces along Station Road have been parcelled out as housing stands to people who were not on the waiting list and this was facilitated by the former councillor and the current councillor,”added our source.

“Another open space was parceled out to money changers at corner Enkeldorin and Red thorn in Thorngrove. Due process wasn’t followed, councillors and council workers kickbacks for these illegal dealings.” said another resident from Thorngrove.

Frantic efforts to get a comment from Musonda were fruitless as her phone went unanswered at the time of writing.

Last week Bulawayo mayor was in the eye of a storm after being allocated a large farm for a song and corruption has been rife in town councils and local authorities.

There has been a proliferation of land barons working as conduits of top council bosses countrywide.

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