Zimra charging car dealers ‘protection fees’… Zacc dragged into the saga by Car Dealers


THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) on Monday was fingered in a car racket by a group calling itself Car Dealers, Zim Morning Post has learnt.

The allegations of corruption are made in a letter addressed to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) Reporting Officer.

The group – who claim to be car dealers operating along Enterprise Road in Harare – alleges that it imports motor vehicles legally from outside Zimbabwe for resale.

We are law abiding citizens in the car sales business, operating along Enterprise Road.

We import cars legally and try to make an honest living,” the Car Dealers said in their anonymous letter to Zacc.

The group further says it has, despite efforts to engage in honest business, found itself in trouble with the taxman.

We have, however, found ourselves in serious problems of corruption with Zimra officials demanding protection fees of all sorts,” the group added.

The Car Dealers allege that the Zimra vehicle scam started during the Gershom Pasi era, even sucking in some of the organisation’s staff such as one Chihuri, who was later fired.

When Zacc came in – said the Car Dealers – there was widespread thinking that things would stabilise at Zimra, adding rather that corrupt tendencies had gotten out of hand.

We thought that the anti-corruption (crusade) would bring sanity.

However, the anti-corruption drive has re-energised people like Lennie Magwede who claims to operate within the enforcement division of Zimra,” said the Car Dealers

Zim Morning Post was unable to get comment from Zimra, whereas Zacc said the car dealers should report all corruption within Zimra to them.

These car dealers should report issues of corruption against Zimra with us.

“We are not prophets so that we are supposed to know everything, even without being made aware of them,” John Makamure, the Zacc spokesperson, said.


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