ZUPCO accidents: PAZ blames management for misfortunes

  • Do not obey road regulations
  • Do not respond to passenger grievances
  • Zupco management also at fault
  • ZUPCO should bring back its driving school

THE Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) President Tafadzwa Goliath said the ZUPCO management should be blamed for all the disorder and misfortunes haunting the entity, the Zim Morning Post has heard.

Following an article published by the Zim Morning Post that 40 drivers were fired for being unqualified to drive the passenger buses, Goliath said it is the Zupco management that should be fired “for sleeping on duty.”

“How can they fire the drivers? I think the management is equally at fault here as they know all the qualifications needed for one to be a driver.

“There was lack of due diligence and professionalism in the process of hiring the said drivers.

“This is a hallmark of corruption. The Zupco system is not inorder”, he said.

Goliath said his association has tried to invite Zupco management for a meeting to present their grievances to no avail as they are always busy.

“We have tried to organise a meeting with Zupco to adress our grievances as passengers but the management always say they are busy,” said Goliath.

“ we have even put our grievances to paper and sent them to superiors at Zupco but they never respond,” he added.

On a different issue, Goliath said despite the management being the problem, other issues such as failure by the drivers to obey road regulations, signs and speeding are also a cause for concern as they are implicating passengers safety.

“Zupco drivers do not obey road signs and rules, they are consistently speeding in highways”, he explained.

“ zupco should also bring back the Zupco driving school like they used to do back in the day”, he further explained

He also highlighted that some buses are unworthy to be on the road, citing that they are old and need to be serviced consistently.

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